Empty Nest – Life after Kids

Yes, it does happen eventually!

Me March 24, 2007

An empty-nester and loving it! I love my 3 + 1 kids, and I loved motherhood. But I’m a much more relaxed, fun person since the little chick-a-dees flew the nest.

Since the kids have left,  I have embarked on a new career. I have gone from office administrator in our church to Executive Director of a non-profit dental clinic I have been helping with since its inception. I think of it is my ‘baby.’

I live near the hot, humid Gulf Coast with my husband of 30+ years, and we’re re-discovering what makes the other tick – and life after the kids!

UPDATE: I’m not posting, but you can email me at mtnest423 [at] yahoo [dot] com.


3 Responses to “Me”

  1. Hi Jody!!
    email me at the address above, and i’ll get it for sure.



  2. Compulsive Writer Says:

    I like your blog. I have a couple of things in common with you. I am a new empty nester and I live on the Gulf Coast. Thanks for sharing. I am learning to me be again since the kids are gone. It is just so weird.

    • MT Nest Says:

      Welcome to my blog! I’m glad you enjoy it. Hope you are enjoying the empty nest, but remember that it’s okay to have those times of sadness too.

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