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Yes, it does happen eventually!

Update August 26, 2010

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Life has been crazy lately. No crazier than for anyone else, I’m sure…but crazier than I’ve been able to handle.

I did go to Haiti, and was shocked, saddened, and at the same time uplifted by all that I experienced there. Haitians are a remarkable people. But there is not nearly enough being done to help them. Five months after the earthquake, and there were still buildings falling down into the street and debris everywhere.

And the tents. Oh my word, tents everywhere you looked. And for some, I use the word ‘tents’ loosely. There were tablecloths, sheets, tarps thrown over sticks or rods to hold it up.

This is the rainy season for Haiti. And it is also hurricane season. Having gone through Ike in a strong brick house, I cannot imagine the horror of knowing that a storm is coming with only a tent for shelter.

All that to say – I have been called to go back, taking a team with me to build a house. Sam and Delores, the missionaries we worked with, have developed a plan for building transitional housing. A team of 6 – 8 can build a house for a Haitian family in one week.

And so, that’s what we’re doing. Mark is going with me, and we are blessed to also have our daughter on our team. We leave Sept. 18, and will be coming back Sept. 25.

In between the first Haiti trip and this one, we’ve had a major fund-raiser for the clinic, netting $22,000; my brother has had a heart attack and other severe health problems; my daughter has made a very, very foolish choice that is costing her in more ways than one, consequently costing us; we have flown to Chicago and moved our son and daughter-in-law back to Texas; and I have been asked to speak at several different venues (public speaking is NOT my favorite thing to do!).

In the midst of all this, the enemy has managed to attack me and depression has wound its nasty tentacles into my life.

But I’m fighting.


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