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Insight December 3, 2009

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Last night Mark was riled up about the war, and the President’s recent decision to continue sending troops. He thinks this is a war that is not ‘win-able’.  I honestly had not come to my own conclusion about it, and it stresses me out to think that there’s one more thing I should be knowledgable about. I felt completely overwhelmed for some reason.

Anyway, this morning I woke up with a clearer head, and have to say I agree with him.

But that doesn’t mean I do not support our troops and the men/women called to serve our nation.

Just yesterday, I watched with pride and sorrow as hundreds and hundreds of people lined the streets of our town to honor one soldier coming home to be buried. A little over a year ago, our daughter-in-law’s best friend lost her husband in the war.

I fully and completely support, pray for, and commend our soldiers.

Yet I cannot agree with continuing this war. I do not think we should send more people over there to fight.

And it’s the same way with my son. The son who says he is a homosexual, and pursuing a lifestyle I cannot agree with.

I love our soldiers, I do not love the war.

I love my son, I do not love his lifestyle.


2 Responses to “Insight”

  1. Miz Booshay Says:

    I am a pacifist.
    I look with wonder and admiration at the folks who feel differently and serve.
    I would be fine with just assassinating Hitler and Bin Laden et al.
    Don’t know why we need to drag all the innocents into it.

  2. 2nd cup Lid Says:

    Thx for the head’s up on the repeat question–I just asked everyone to write her own for #11!

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